Coordination, Capacity Development and Knowledge Exchange Unit (CCKE)

Project Timeline
1 Jul 15 - 30 Jun 19
Project Contact
Jean-Pierre Roux
Director, Coordination, Capacity Building and Knowledge Exchange Unit

Training and capacity building activities will work directly with a targeted group of scientists, decision-makers and intermediaries.

As a result of the unit’s work, we expect that tens of thousands of people will benefit from the knowledge and tools disseminated through open platforms.

The Coordination, Capacity Development and Knowledge Exchange (CCKE) unit coordinates activities across the different FCFA thematic and geographic research clusters, develops the capacity of key stakeholders, and produces and distributes news, features and reports on FCFA’s work.


The unit:

• Produces guidance related to climate information, decision support tools, and training materials – both generic and for specific African decision-making contexts.

• Disseminates results and lessons learned from FCFA to a general audience.

• Provides capacity development opportunities for African researchers, communicators and knowledge brokers, and others who will use climate information.

• Enhances FCFA’s coordination and collaboration with other programmes and institutions producing and enhancing the use of climate information for Africa.

Staff from the unit are visiting FCFA’s research consortia in September – October to plan for strengthened knowledge-sharing activities and support for early career African climate scientists.

Read the programmes first major consortia-wide publication Africa’s Climate Report.