Policy brief: Climate risks to hydropower supply in eastern and southern Africa

30 August 2018 //

Hydropower plans in eastern and southern Africa could put electricity supply at risk

30 August 2018 // Cities, Energy, Livelihoods, Water

In a recently published paper, UMFULA's Prof Declan Conway has described how hydropower dams planned for eastern and southern Africa could put electricity supply at risk for vast regions because they rely on the same rainfall patterns for electricity generation.

Growing climate knowledge through narratives of the future

21 August 2018 // Climate information

There’s a lot of effort focussed on trying to close the gap between climate science and decision making, as well as action. As a wise colleague from Botswana recently said, people experience effects of climate stressors, they don’t experience numbers, figures and graphs. Knowledge is information in context, so what counts as an effective process to contextualise climate information and produce impactful messages?

Watch the webinar: Demonstration and application of a financial planning tool for African NMHS

20 July 2018 // Climate information

31 July, 2018 09:00 EDT; 13:00 GMT; 15:00 SAST

Regarder le webinaire: Démonstration et application d'un outil de planification financière pour les services météorologiques et hydrologiques nationaux africains

20 July 2018 // Climate science

2 août 2018 9h00 HAE; 13h00 GMT; 15:00 SAST

Future rainfall over East Africa: Why do different climate models give different predictions?

17 July 2018 // Climate information, Climate science, Extreme weather

The skill of climate models to simulate global warming is key to understanding the different predictions made by such models of East African rainfall. Researchers from the UK Met Office are making key advances towards assisting researchers and practitioners in selecting the best climate models for various applications over East Africa.

Researching solutions for climate change and urban flooding in East African cities

04 July 2018 // Cities, Climate information, Extreme weather

This article discusses the intensity of recent floods experienced in East Africa and the urgency for systematic actions to mitigate the risks of increasingly severe and frequent extreme weather events.

How African cities' residents are creating climate change solutions

25 June 2018 // Cities, Knowledge creation and management, Politics and Governance, Water

In Blantyre, Gaborone, Harare, Lusaka, Maputo and Windhoek, city governments are working with scientists, engineers and civilians to co-produce narratives about the future of their cities in the face of climate change.

Webinar: Delivering African Climate Information Services Sustainably: Capacity gaps and recommendations for National Meteorological and Hydrological Services

05 June 2018 // Climate science, Politics and Governance

This webinar showcased learning from an assessment of the effectiveness and sustainability of seven African NMHSs to deliver CIS: Senegal, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Malawi, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and Niger. This included a baseline assessment of the selected NMHSs and recommendations on how to bridge and prioritize capacity gaps. Seven countries were included in the assessment.

E-learning course on Reviewing Assessment Reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

03 May 2018 // Knowledge creation and management, Politics and Governance