Webinar - Linking global warming with recent trends in intense storms in West Africa

This webinar by Prof. Taylor will provide an introduction to the work of the AMMA-2050 consortium, insight into the rapid increase in intense Sahelian storms observed in recent decades, and how continued climate change will influence flood risk in the region.

Hydropower plans in eastern and southern Africa could put electricity supply at risk

In a recently published paper, UMFULA's Prof Declan Conway has described how hydropower dams planned for eastern and southern Africa could put electricity supply at risk for vast regions because they rely on the same rainfall patterns for electricity generation.

Reflections from FRACTAL’s annual meeting

An overview of the key achievements of the FRACTAL Programme and a discussion around the central theme of water.

Climate information value chains: pathways to greater use of climate information in African decision-making?

This blog, the first in a series explores the issue of climate information value chains in African contexts.

HyCRISTAL’s Professor Barbara Evans wins IWA Development Award for 2017

HyCRISTAL’s Professor Barbara Evans is spearheading a pilot study to co-produce research for urban water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure in two pilot cities of Kampala, Uganda and Kisumu, Kenya.

UMFULA Meets With Malawian Government To Discuss Climate Information

FCFA and UMFULA hosted a panel discussion with members of the Government of Malawi. Discussions centred around the climate change agenda in Malawi, the need to provide robust and appropriate climate information and the need to address challenges to establishing an effective weather monitoring network.

Climate Information Services Africa Day highlights the urgent need to include climate information in development planning

FCFA's Zablone Owiti describes the Climate Information Services (CIS) Africa Day which highlighted an urgent need to prepare for weather and climate related risks and discussed how to enhance uptake and use of CIS in development planning

How can improvements in climate models help decision makers?

This blog details how the current improvements in climate models will help decision makers to make more informed decisions and in turn reduce risks and protect the livelihoods of the most vulnerable.

Could stories help us explain complex and uncertain climate information?

This blog asks the question; can storylines help climate scientists to explain complex climate information to a wider audience of decision makers?

Communicating Effectively, Creating Impact, and Getting Funded… Easy, right?

This blog reflects on the one day training provided by FCFA to Early Career Researchers (ERCs) in the climate science field. The training aimed to improve the ability of ECRs to deliver high quality research to advance the frontiers of effective responses to climate variability and change