No "One Size Fits All": Improving Climate Models for Africa Requires African Perspectives

A new paper, published in BAMS (the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society), calls for collaboration between climate modellers and African scientists, to deliver a dramatic improvement in climate information over Africa.

Partnerships and collaboration key to addressing water and sanitation challenges under climate change in Lusaka, Zambia

This blog details discussions around water and sanitation challenges under climate change in Zambia held during a recent FCFA FRACTAL project breakfast in Lusaka.

Scientists say East Africa will get wetter, so why is it drying out?

Read HyCRISTAL's principal investigator John Marsham in this Climate Change News article.

Launch of Climate Information for Resilient Tea Production (CI4T) Project

This project will provide climate information for tea-producing regions in southern Malawi and western Kenya.

New study applies cognitive psychology to communicating uncertain climate information

This research investigates how climate scientists can better communicate and visualise uncertain climate information for decision makers and other non-experts.

Study shows that melting Greenland ice-sheets could affect agriculture and induce migration in the Sahel.

A study involving researchers from FCFA's AMMA 2050 has found that melting Greenland ice sheets could affect agriculture and livelihoods in the Sahel.

Integrating climate information into green growth finance in Rwanda

This blog describes how Future Climate For Africa (FCFA), is assisting Rwanda’s national climate and environment fund (FONERWA) to ensure that green growth projects consider the risks and opportunities that climate change presents.

Study shows global warming accounts for tripling of extreme West African Sahel storms

A new study has found that global warming is responsible for a tripling in the frequency of extreme West African Sahel storms observed in just the last 35 years.

Watch the webinar: Decision-making for African development and what it means for climate science

Miss the webinar? Watch this recording of the Future Climate for Africa FRACTAL team's Chris Jack, to discuss how decision-making processes and climate science can be better aligned. Dr Jack shares insights from FRACTAL's city level learning laboratories.

Climate, dams and data in Tanzania

Declan Conway, UMFULA Principal Investigator, looks at the increasing pressure climate change is having on hydropower generation and agricultural demands in Tanzania.